Sunday, March 2, 2014

It's a good feeling!

I was BEYOND excited to find out that my first quilt (FIRST, mind you!) won an Honorable Mention at the Naples Quilters Guild annual quilt show yesterday!  Definitely doing the happy dance!!

This was the first quilt show I've ever attended, much less submitted a quilt to, so I took a few LOTS of photos.  I won't bore you with them all, but these are my favorites.  Warning - picture heavy post ahead!

I don't know how the judges pick out their favorites ~ there are SO many to choose from.  And so many categories!  I'm humbled to be in such exquisite company.  :)

I'm about 2/3 done with the serpentine quilting for the center of my In From The Cold quilt ~ 

I like it, but I'm glad I'm keeping this one for myself!  There are a few kinks and the spacing isn't the best ~ but I like it!  I hadn't intended to quilt through the mugs, but it was a pain starting and stopping and I like the texture it gives them.  Thanks to those who helped me decide.  :)  That's what I love about blogworld ~ lots of great feedback!


  1. Congrats on you ribbon! What a great quilt, really love the binding you used, perfect way to frame that beauty.

  2. Congratulations on on you're Honorable Mention Ribbon! What a beautiful quilt.

  3. Congratulations! Those are all amazing quilts. I wouldn't want to be a judge either. Too hard to pick...I'd want to give a ribbon to every quilt!

  4. Congratulations on your HM ribbon! Your quilt is lovely overall, and that stripe was a great choice for the binding. Well done! :-)

  5. yeah! Happy dance! Congrats on your win. Did you hang around it and listen to comments? That's always fun
    Leeanna Paylor
    Not Afraid of Color!

  6. Congratulations! I am sew happy for you! Your pinwheel quilt is beautiful and you deserve that ribbon! Glad to see you enjoyed the quilt show. Thanks for sharing all the quilty pics, Georgi!


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