Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 Finish-Along ~ 4th Quarter Results

Hard to believe it's the end of another year ~ I managed to finish 10 quilting projects this year and, for me, that's a good thing!  Here are my results for the 4th Quarter of the 2015 Finish-Along.  (See my original post here.)

1 - Star Light Star Bright Quilt.  Another quilt-along that I lagged way behind on ~ I have 4 blocks done and hope to make at least some progress this quarter.  NO PROGRESS.


2 - Diamond District.  I'm still on six blocks ~ hopefully a few more blocks by the end of the year!  NO PROGRESS.

3 - Log Cabin Sparkles quilt.   FINISHED!  Blogged here.

New this quarter:

4 - Day Break Quilt.  Top is finished ~ will definitely finish it next quarter!

5 - Medallion Star Mini Quilt.    FINISHED!  Blogged here.

That makes 2 (almost 3) finishes for the last quarter of 2015.  Looking forward to next year (I really need to make some progress on those first two on my list) ~ Thanks, Adrianne, for helping us push ourselves along this year!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Finish #2 for this quarter

I'm happy to say that I finished Log Cabin Sparkles - and I actually got some outside shots for a change!

I took the easy way out (as usual) and did a simple cross-hatch on the diagonal.  I'm still happy with the result ~ I like simple.

I backed it in the Horizon Leaves fabric in blue with a circle of Grunge HSTs.  I love that this book includes a pattern for a pieced back for each of the quilts.

Quilt stats:
Pattern: Log Cabin Sparkles from the book New Ways with Jelly Rolls: 12 Reversible Modern Jelly Roll Quilts by Pat and Nicky Lintott.
Size:  72 in. x 72 in.
Fabrics:  Horizon by Kate Spain, Grunge Basics Ocean by Basic Grey, Kona Snow
Thread:  Aurifil 50 wt. 2021

Happy that I can check off my second (and probably last) finish on my 4th quarter list for the 2015 Finish-Along!

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Monday, November 30, 2015

2015 Finish-Along ~ First 4th Quarter Finish

Check off one project on this quarter's list!  I realize it's a small one, but it was my first hand-quilted project so it took me a little longer.  :)

The pattern for this quilt is from the book Fat-Quarter Quilting by Lori Smith (which is a great book full of 16" x 20" small quilt patterns).  Fabrics are scraps left over from my Flag Quilt.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

WIP Wednesday ~ a few things

I can't believe it's been almost 6 weeks since I've posted anything.  I have been working on stuff, mind you, but haven't really taken any post-worthy pics.  (I think one of the reasons I haven't posted more is the crappy photos my phone takes ~ sorry about that!)  Thought I'd post some today anyway - photo-worthy or not!

I started hand-quilting my Medallion Star mini-quilt.  I haven't really warmed up to hand-quilting ~ my fingers and joints don't seem to react kindly after stitching just a few rows ~ so I don't think it will be something I'll be doing much of.  I will say, however, that with time my stitches have become a little teeny more even, so that's a plus.  


The Day Break blocks are coming along ~ 10 finished (one still needs its sashing).  Love this pattern by Julie Hermann @ Jay Bird Quilts!  I'm using the Simply Colorful collection by V & Co with Architextures in black by Carolyn Friedlander as the background.

I've made a lot of progress on my Log Cabin Sparkles quilt!  Top is done and I just need to piece a back together so I can get to the quilting ~ happy dance!  I love the way it's come together and Kate Spain's Horizon collection really makes this one.

All three of these projects are on my Finish-Along list ~ so that's a good thing!!

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

2015 Finish-Along ~ 4th Quarter List

Here's my list for the 4th Quarter:

Continuing on with a few things from last quarter.

1 - Star Light Star Bright Quilt.  Another quilt-along that I lagged way behind on ~ I have 4 blocks done and hope to make at least some progress this quarter.


2 - Diamond District.  I'm still on six blocks ~ hopefully a few more blocks by the end of the year!

3 - Log Cabin Sparkles quilt.   Fabrics cut.

New this quarter:

4 - Day Break Quilt.  I started this one in a class and have finished 6 blocks out of 15.

5 - Medallion Star Mini Quilt.  Another class ~ this one is ready to be quilted.

Another busy quarter!  Linking up with Adrianne @ On The Windy Side!

Monday, October 5, 2015

2015 Finish-Along ~ Second 3rd Quarter Finish

Thank goodness for those extra days at the end of the quarter!  I managed to finish one more quilt ~ just under the wire.  :)  Presenting Ocean Waves!

I quilted it with a simple cross-hatch 2 inches apart.  I love simple!

I love the way all those Cotton+Steel fabrics play together!  We decided to do each X-block in one fabric ~ I think it really shows them off better than mixing them up in a scrappy way.

I'd really like to keep this one, but it'll be on its way to Michigan soon.  I can cuddle with it next time we visit.

Friday, October 2, 2015

2015 Finish-Along ~ 3rd Quarter Results

Here are my results for the 3rd Quarter of the 2015 Finish-Along.  (See my original post here.)

1 - Star Light Star Bright Quilt.  Another quilt-along that I lagged way behind on ~ I have 4 blocks done and hope to make at least some progress this quarter.  NO PROGRESS.


2 - Diamond District.  I'm still on six blocks ~ maybe by the end of the year!  NO PROGRESS.

3 - Ocean Waves quilt for daughter #3.    FINISHED!!  Blogged here.

4 - Log Cabin Sparkles quilt.  Finished cutting the fabric, but that's about it.

5 - 25-Patch Comfy Quilt.  FINISHED!  Blogged here.

So 2 finishes out of 5.  Not so good ~ but in my defense, the Ocean Waves quilt was a bear with those 432 HSTs (lots of pinning!) and I took a couple of classes for new stuff.  :) 

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

WIP Wednesday ~ some Ocean Waves progress and a new start

I'm continuing my work on the Ocean Waves quilt for my oldest (and pickiest!) daughter, Jen.  (I love her to death and I'm happy she went with Cotton+Steel for this quilt!)  As of today, I have 7 of the big blocks put together, so that means only 2 big blocks left to go!

Before the blocks started going up on my design wall, we had to decide on which layout we wanted.  I printed out pics of the fabrics and moved them around until Jen was happy with the layout.  (SO much easier than moving all those blocks on the wall!)

And here's what I have so far (did I mention there are 432 HSTs in this quilt?):

In the midst of working on this quilt, I took a class for the Day Break Quilt by Jaybird Quilts.  What a great pattern!  I usually do a white background on most everything I do, but I happened to see the black Crosshatch fabric from Carolyn Friedlander's Architextures collection.  For the flowers I chose some red, yellow and orange prints from the Simply Colorful collection by V and Co.

So far I've finished 4 blocks and I'm loving working with Julie Hermann's Hex N More and Sidekick rulers!   I'm trying not to finish this quilt too quickly (it's going on my 4th Quarter Finish-Along list!)

That's it for me this week!  Linking up with Let's Bee Social and WIP Wednesday.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

2015 Finish-Along ~ First 3rd Quarter finish

I finally got around to finishing the comfy quilt I was working on.  I have to say it's not really one of my favorites, but I'm hoping there's a kid out there that likes it!  This one will be donated through our quilt guild to the Children's Advocacy Center.

The back kind of makes me dizzy.  :)

I stitched in the ditch around all the 25-patch blocks and did a double straight-line stitch in the sashing.  I tried out some free-motion quilted large flowers in the middle of the blocks ~ it's a good thing they aren't too noticeable.  :)

But I do love the striped binding!  Check off the first finish for this 3rd quarter!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Some Ocean Waves progress and a new flimsy

I'm finally back into the swing of things after spending 3-1/2 weeks away from home visiting kids and grandkids, not to mention dogs and goats.

These two cousins turned 15 in June and July and they're both getting their driving permits ~ yike!

Celia's high school has a big rock out in front that gets painted pretty often ~ her mom and sister painted it on her birthday ~ how cool is that?

How sweet are these two little goats!

This one thought Celia was pretty sweet, too  :)

I did have a chance to do a little sewing while I was up there, but it feels really good to be back in my own space.  I've made some progress on my daughter's Ocean Waves quilt.  I managed to get all 432 half square triangles done ~ they're not all trimmed yet, but they're sewn at least!

Right now, I have two of the big 24-inch blocks put together.  I've been taking my time pinning all the points and so far so good!!  Here's the first block (before the 4 pieces were sewn together):

and here's the second (sewn together):

We decided to make all the X's with the same fabric in each ~ I love it so far!

I managed to finish the top of the 25-patch comfy quilt that I'm working on ~ this one should be an easy one to finish!  

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