Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ugggh ...

I have to take a break from this Star Light Star Bright block and take a deep breath.  Remember when I said Tuesday that "me likey" the way it was turning out?  

Well that was before I started sewing all the pieces together.  Let's just say I'm distressed trying to get all those points to fit they way they should.  The center star isn't too bad, but the side sections?  ~  Way off.

I tried so hard to make sure I pinned them together just so ~ hoping they'd turn out OK.   Which they didn't.  I'm just wondering if I was off on my 1/4" mark from when I sewed the flying geese? 

So I'm torn between taking them apart to try again or just saying the heck with it.  The thought of doing eight more blocks and having them turn out the same does not make me happy.  :(

UPDATE:  I did manage to fix them a little ~ ripped out some seams and redid them.  I took my time on the rest of it and it totally paid off!  I'm happy now.  I finished the first block ~ only eight more to go ~ :)

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