Monday, April 6, 2015

2015 Finish-Along ~ 2nd Quarter list.

I'm ready!  I have great hopes for the second quarter of the 2015 Finish-Along with Adrianne at The Windy Side.  I had a great time doing this last year and hope to accomplish even more this year!  

Here's my list for the 2nd Quarter:

Continuing on with a couple of things from last year ~ although, honestly, they're on the back burner at the moment due to the quilts I'm working on for my girls.

1 - Star Light Star Bright Quilt.  Another quilt-along that I lagged way behind on ~ I have 4 blocks done and hope to make at least some progress this quarter.


2 - Diamond District.  I'm still on six blocks ~ maybe by the end of the year!

New on my list ~ I promised my girls that I'd make them a quilt this year.  So here goes:

3 - Puddle Jumping.  I started on this quilt in January.  I've actually finished 7 blocks so far ~ 9 more to go ~ so I have a good start on this one!  It's a great Thimbleblossoms pattern by Camille Roskelley.  I'm using the Modern Folkloric collection by The Henley Studio from Andover Fabrics with a few other fabrics thrown in.

4 - Flag quilt.  My middle daughter picked a flag quilt because her oldest son is a Marine.   We found a quilt designed by Tish Douglas in Electric Quilt, so I'm going to try and enlarge it to make a large lap-size quilt.  Wish me luck!  I've started pulling some reds and a blue I had in my stash ~ but this calls for a trip to my LQS.

5 - Garden Fence quilt.  February was my month for the Newbie Quilters Bee (Hive #8), so I have lots of Garden Fence blocks to put together.  Might as well add it to this list!

So that's my list for this quarter.  I'm sure I can get at least one of these finished by June.  :)

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2015 Finish-Along ~ 1st Quarter Results

Here are my results for the 1st Quarter of the 2015 Finish-Along.  (See my original post here.)

1 - Star Light Star Bright Quilt.  I did manage to finish two more blocks this quarter, so that makes a total of four.   


2 - Dapper quilt from from Simply Retro by Camille Roskelly.  I love this pattern (although I changed it a bit) and the fabric collection I chose for it  ~ Zoe and Zack by Bethany Berndt Shackelford for Quilting Treasures   FINISHED!  Blogged here.

3 - Diamond District.  I've finished six blocks so far ~ I'd love to finish this one!  NO PROGRESS.

4 - QAYG Quilt-Along.   FINISHED!  Blogged here.

So two out of four finishes ~ I'll settle for that!  Looking forward to the next quarter.  :)

Thursday, March 19, 2015

WIP for this week ~ a little progress on old and new stuff

Short and sweet ~

Two more blocks done on the Star Light Star Bright Quilt ~

and I have all the rest of the pieces sorted into baggies for each block.  (I'm easily confused, so it took a while!)   :)

February was my month as Queen Bee for the Newbie Quilters group over at Threadbias.  I asked for a Garden Fence block that I found at Hyacinth Quilt Designs ~ in yellow and grey.  I've received 6 blocks so far and I'm loving the way it's coming together!  I haven't started my block yet ~ guess I better get on that!

Speaking of yellow and grey ~ I've started quilt #1 for my daughter, and she picked yellow and grey.  :)  We decided on a collection called Modern Folkloric by The Henley Studio for Andover Fabrics.

I've managed to get all the fabrics cut ~

decided on a different order 

and finished the first block.  LOVE this pattern!  (Thanks, Camille!!)

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

2015 Finish-Along: one more 1st quarter finish

I really had grand plans for finishing more on my list this quarter, but things got in the way ~ in other words, I started too many new projects!

But I did manage to finish the QAYG Made Modern table runner!  I ended up with eight blocks before I ran out of the Valencia jelly roll and I sashed it with a half-inch of Kona white between the blocks.  Once I basted the back on, I did some stitch in the ditch between the blocks and around the inside squares of the log cabins.  Pretty minimal, but I didn't think it needed a lot after the initial quilting. It ended up being 24-1/2" by 49" ~ pretty generous for a table runner, I think.

So here's my second finish for the 2015 Finish-Along (1st Quarter) ~ I love the colors in this one!

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Monday Bits and Piecing

Has it really been a month since I posted anything?  Yes it has.  Not sure how that happens ~ but I swear I haven't been idle in the stitching department.

I spent most of the month working on a test pattern for Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness.  It's the third pattern I've tested for her, and this is my favorite so far.  It's called the Sloan Bag and it's BIG!  Here's a sneak peak ~ the pattern will be out soon.

I made some progress on my QAYG Made Modern tablerunner ~ pieced the blocks, added the sashing, and pieced the back.  

I've actually finished some minimal quilting, but forgot to take a photo.  Now all it needs is the binding and I'll have my second finish for the 2015 Finish-Along (1st Quarter).

I've pulled out the Star Light Star Bright blocks and (almost) finished block #3.  Only 6 more to go.  :)  

I forgot how much I loved the look of these blocks ~ they take a while but they're so worth it!  Can't wait to see this one finished!

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Saturday, January 31, 2015

A "Dapper" Finish

My first finish for 2015 (which I'm happy about since we were gone half of the month!)  I decided on walking-foot quilting (my favorite) with a triple-ray pattern inside the pinwheel blocks and straight lines across the sashing.  I used a red & white stripe bias binding ~ hand-stitched on the back.

I can't believe I put those two blue blocks right on top of each other on the back ~ guess I'll have to add my label to one of them! :)  Check one off my Finish-Along 1st Quarter list!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Finish-Along ~ 4th Quarter Results

I didn't do quite as well for the 4th Quarter of the 2014 Finish-A-Long hosted by Katy at The Littlest Thistle.  (See my original list here.)  I'm blaming it on travel and the holidays!

1 - Tula Pink "City Sampler" Sew Along that was hosted by Sara at Sew Sweetness ~ WAY back last year. FINISHED!  Blogged here.

2 - Star Light Star Bright Quilt.  Another quilt-along that I lagged way behind on ~ I still only have 2 blocks done and hope to make at least some progress this quarter.  NO PROGRESS.


3 - Dapper quilt from the book Simply Retro by Camille Roskelly.  Almost finished!  I'm in the process of quilting this one now  :)

4 - Diamond District.  Two more blocks done ~ six total.

5 - Triangle Frenzy table runner.  This one's for me for Christmas!  FINISHED!  Blogged here.

So 2 out of 5 finishes for this quarter ~ not too bad considering the last month was really busy!  

It's hard to believe this year is over! I actually finished 13 projects ~ and 11 of those were for this 2014 Finish-Along.  I think that makes it a successful year for me!  Can't wait to get started on 2015!!

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