Saturday, February 8, 2014

My little Grace is covered!

Today I was able to finish the sewing machine cover that I was working on as part of the "2014 It's a New Year Sewalong" at Sew Can She.  (This is finish #2!)  I originally thought about adding pockets on the sides, but decided against it ~ I figured it just gets folded up when not in use anyway!

I misjudged the length of the sides, so my side blocks got cut off a bit ~ but I love it otherwise!

Next up?  I've decided how I want to quilt my Midwinter Reds table runner, so I started working on that this afternoon.

I have to say ~ I picked up this little Hide Your Threads kit from Leah Day. I was never sure what to do with my threads once I finished a line of quilting ~ her video answered that question perfectly!  Thanks, Leah!!


  1. Grace looks so comfy in her new pj's! Love the punch of orange against those baby blues! And the quilting on your Midwinter Reds? Wow! Those diamonds add the perfect touch to that design! Looking good!

  2. Really like the color combo on Grace's cover up! Didn't notice the cut off blocks even after you pointed them out! It looks great :)


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