Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Grace and I spent some time today quilting my Pinwheels & Postage Stamps quilt.    It was all straight-line quilting with the walking foot ~ good enough for now until I learn how to free-motion quilt.   It took me a while just to decide what I wanted to do with the pinwheels, but I'm happy with the result!


I'm amazed at all the quilters out there who quilt full-size quilts on their machines ~ even with this small one, it took quite a bit of wrangling to do the pinwheels!  I'm debating on whether or not to add some quilting to the border, but I think I'll just leave it plain.  It's hard being a newbie quilter ~ I'm still so unsure of myself and I guess I'm just afraid I'll mess it up.  

Next up is the binding, so tonight I'll spend some time going over some binding tutorials.  I've got the binding all made (using this tutorial by Jona Giammalva), so starting on that is my goal for tomorrow!


  1. Great job on the quilting. I have no idea either how people quilt large quilts on home machines. I find cot sized quilts really difficult on my normal Brother. Thankfully I have an old Singer that has loads of harp space and that makes a huge difference but I would still never tackle anything really big on it.

  2. Thanks, Paula! This is only my second attempt at quilting something ~ the first was a Christmas tree skirt and on that one I just used a wavy stitch on my old Singer. :)

  3. It looks lovely and your quilting is perfect for it.

  4. Lovely! You're doing great and the straight lines are a perfect choice. :)


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