Sunday, September 1, 2013

And so it begins ...

I'm not much of a blogger, really ~ I just wanted a place where I could keep track of my sewing projects.  There are so many great sewing/quilting blogs out there ~ it amazes me how the people who write them make us feel like we've known them all along.  

And so, being kind of a shy one and never knowing quite what to say, this little blog of mine will probably just contain a few pictures of (a) what I'm working on, (b) some things I've done in the past and (c) some of the projects out there in blogland that really inspire me to sew.

With that said ~ meet Grace!  We met last Saturday (after my Brother locked up on me and proved to be unfixable) ~ she's not fancy, but she's the first Babylock I've purchased and I love her!

So here's to lots of projects and blog posts to come ~ Cheers!

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