Saturday, April 1, 2017

2017 Finish-A-Long: 2nd Quarter List

On to the 2nd Quarter!  I only had one non-finish from last quarter, so that's up first.

- Facets from the book Machine Quilting With Style by Christa Watson.  The background and the solid diamonds are cut out ~ I have the 5 solid blocks and 10 improv blocks done, but I'm still working on the improv fabric for the rest of the diamonds (it's harder than I thought, although there might be a slim chance I'm too anal!).  Hoping to finish this quarter.

Next up ~ I'm still working with the Seasonal Silhouettes pattern book by Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts and I've decided that each block is going to be its own mini-quilt so that I have something to hang each month.  Here's my basket of fabrics.  (BTW, this is the Oslo Craft Bag ~ a free pattern by Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness)

2 - Seasonal Silhouettes - May.  I'm working on cutting out the pieces for this one ~ it's one of my favorites!  Here's the pattern.

3 - Seasonal Silhouettes - June.  Haven't started this one yet, but here's the pattern.

4 - Sloan Travel Bag - This is a belated birthday present for my daughter that got put on hold because of deadlines and a 6-week trip out west.  I really need to finish it this quarter!  Here's the pattern and you can see the one I made for myself here.  I have most of the fabrics and interfacing, so that's at least a start!

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  1. What a great travel bag. LOVE the background colors on your diamonds. Happy Q2!

  2. Great projects! I love the Seasonal Silhouettes. Good luck with your goals!

  3. Those seasonal silhouettes are so pretty!

  4. Those diamonds are awesome! Super fun project to have on tap. The May mini is perfect with the bicycle basket view - Seasonal Silhouettes is reminiscent of the McKenna Ryan project I have in my BOM group. Lots of tracing and cutting out, but so very pretty when you're finished. :)

  5. Love the facts- its going to be stunning!

  6. These are all very worthy goals! I love how you have the fabrics for the mini quilts all together and folded in a bag so you can see every piece. I keep my stash collections in Little Caezer fundraiser boxes which is great for stacking and organizing, but I like the idea of putting a current work in progress in a bag such as yours.

  7. Looks like a nice list of projects to keep you busy for the next quarter. Thank you for linking up with FAL.


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