Sunday, March 26, 2017

2017 Finish-A-Long: 1st Quarter Results

Well, that was a quick three months!  Here are my results of my list for the 1st quarter:

1 - Interlocking Chains from the book New Ways with Jelly Rolls: 12 Reversible Modern Jelly Roll Quilts by Pat and Nicky Lintott.  FINISHED!  Blogged here.

2 - Rail Fence.  This is going to be a comfy quilt for the Naples Quilters Guild using this tutorial.  I'd like to have this one finished by the end of January.   FINISHED!  Blogged here.

3 - Facets from the book Machine Quilting With Style by Christa Watson.   The background and the solid diamonds are cut out ~ but I'm still working on the improv fabric for the rest of the diamonds (it's harder than I thought!).  Hoping to finish next quarter.

4 - Christmas Mini - C'est La Vie.  FINISHED!  Blogged here.

So 3 finishes out of a list of 4 projects ~ I'm happy with that!  

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