Monday, August 18, 2014

Good Stuff Tuesday

I love giveaways ~ especially when I win one!  I was one of ten lucky people to win SewCanShe's giveaway of Inspired LED's Sewing Machine LED Lighting Kit ~ I've been drooling over this since I saw it months ago.  A HUGE thank you to Caroline at SewCanShe and Inspired LED!
So I guess this just means that I'll have to do more night-time sewing ~ awww, what a shame.  ;)

I finally broke down and washed three of my latest quilts yesterday ~ and I know what everyone means when they talk about "crinkly goodness"!

I especially love the difference in Good Night Irene between the freshly-made ~

and the freshly-washed quilt.

Speaking of Good Night Irene ~ I experimented with a quilt label that I did on my printer and stitched on with cotton embroidery thread.  I still have four quilts that I haven't labeled.  What do you think?

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  1. congratulations on the win. I love the look of washed quilts. For some reason they seem more snuggly. THe label is great. I've never tried printing one, I normally hand write them xx

  2. Irene is definitely better freshly washed and dried...I love a crinkly quilt! I love your quilt label too. :0)

  3. I like to say it ain't a kwilt til it crinkles! Luv your labels.

  4. Washing is the finishing touch that makes it look like a useable quilt. Label is very pretty.

  5. Congrats! I've been wanting one of these lights for awhile also. Love the Good Night Irene, great fabrics, bright and happy!


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