Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday playtime and a new tool

I got to play with a new ruler today!  It's the 25" - 10 Degree Circle Wedge Ruler by Phillips Fiber Art.  It makes a 50-inch circle and it's perfect for making the patchwork wedge Christmas tree skirt I'm working on.

I've never used a wedge ruler before, but it's easy-peasy, makes perfect wedges and lots of these:


  1. Who doesn't love to get the chance to play with a new toy?!! Looking forward to seeing your progress on the tree skirt. Your scraps pile sure is pretty!

  2. Where did you buy this awsome ruler?

  3. I absolutely love your Christmas tree skirt #1 and bought a 10" ruler yesterday to make it. Would you have instructions you could post or email to me:

  4. Were the fabric cut into 5" squares and then stripped pieced before using the ruler? This looks wonderful


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