Wednesday, February 22, 2017

WIP Wednesday ~ Finishing and starting

I love it when I'm almost done with one thing and starting another (especially when they're both on my Finish-A-Long list).  

I'm finishing up the binding on the Interlocking Chains quilt today - I'll share more details and pics later, hopefully this week!  I would have had it done sooner, but I ended up ripping out 12 lines of quilting and taking the back apart because I hated the solid black fabric I originally chose to surround the center panel.

Love the front ~ no changes there!

Can you tell this is for a Detroit Red Wings fan?

Next ~ I'm starting on a  Facets quilt from the book Machine Quilting With Style by Christa Watson.  This is turning out to be a challenge for me, mainly because I have to make my own fabric out of bits and pieces of a bunch of other fabrics.  

This is what I started with:

and here are a few pieces of the new fabric:

I have a lot more "fabric" to make, but I just had to try making two halves of a block to see how they might look.  I like it!  (Whew!)

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  1. Great colors on the interlocking chains, I like how the pattern is off-set a bit. The made fabric looks great, those pops of orange with the navy and grey look really good, keep at it!


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