Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Custom finish and a few WIPs

Has it really been 4 weeks since I've made an appearance on this blog?!  I guess I've been too focused on making sure that the custom tree skirt was made perfectly (or as perfect as I could make it).  I have a really hard time sending out anything that I don't love, especially when I'm getting paid for it!

The important thing is that the tree skirt is on its way to its new owner ~ hopefully to be treasured for a long time to come!  (sorry for the bad photo)


Dapper Quilt  ~ I finished the 12 blocks for the Dapper quilt, but when I had it up on my little design wall I was having a hard time with the block placement.  Trying to keep similar patterns far enough away from each other ~ and not being happy with the result.  

So I decided to throw in two more fabrics and cut out enough fabric for 4 more blocks ~ I'm hoping that will help mix it up enough!


I've finished 6 blocks for the QAYG Quilt-Along (I know, I'm not making very much progress on that one!) ~

and started an applique project for a Christmas wall hanging called Feathered Christmas by the Cherry Blossoms Shop on Etsy.  I haven't done much applique and there are lots of little pieces to this project, but I love the design and I got to use my scraps for this one!  Hopefully I'll get this done and up before Christmas.  :)

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  1. Hello Georgi, just dropped in over Lorna's Bee Social Link Party. I love your Christmas tree skirt... such stuff is nearly unknown in Germany. A week ago I started to sew one (... with hand appliqued Sunnbonnet Sues...) - but I don't know if I'll get ready untis Christmas (this year). Kind regards Annett

  2. That tree skirt looks great! And your photo isn't bad at all.

  3. Congratulations on your custom tree skirt finish, Georgi! Looks fabulous! Love the additional dapper blocks. And your applique project looks beautiful. You have been very busy!

  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those fabrics in your dapper quilt!


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