Saturday, December 16, 2017

Chocolatier BOM ~ it's a flimsie!

I know I got a late start on this one, but I was able to catch up and now all the blocks are finished and I have a real quilt top!   

I really love this pattern by AnneMarie Chany over at GenX Quilters and it came together faster than I thought it would.  

Now to decide on the backing and how to quilt it ~ but I think that will have to wait until after Christmas and a trip to Michigan for family time and some snuggles with these two!


  1. Looks great, so colorful, this pattern is a really nice design!

  2. I would want to snuggle those adorable little ones over quilting, too! :) Way to go, Georgi, getting this top put together already.

  3. Your quilt top is beautiful. Love that pattern. On my to-do-list :P

  4. Love your quilt, but just look at those sweet smiles.

  5. I just found this fabulous quilt and your blog. Oh, so striking! And I love the many blocks in your overall design.

    Enjoy those smiling creatures! There is nothing so rewarding as grandchildren and snuggling them on your shoulder or in your arms. What a special Christmas


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